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  • 2012


    Sun Fasteners is a leading manufacturer of especially for washers (flat, cone, spring, square, jagged, curved) and it is dedicated to small and large metal parts for long years; it is currently leader in Turkey and it moves ahead to become leader in Europe with fast and firm steps. It is a company that established near the Turkey/Kocaeli-Gebze port, airport and European highway network. SUN Fasteners is positioned strongly in metal fastener sector and it is one of the main supplier that supplies for all main groups of screw, bolt manufacturers for washers, taper washers, spring washers, fitting parts for press printing and machining in automotive and white goods industry. In addition to the production of parts according to the standards, it has gained a great experience over the years in parts production according to the drawing and customer specifications. The main company philosophy adopted by SUN Fasteners is “Quality is not coincidence, it is result of smart effort” and the basis of the mainstay of success in quality depends on high quality products, continuous technological innovation, high reliability and the greatest incentive to customer relations. SUN Fasteners products are the right answer for those who want a fixing application at the highest security level. All company processes are ISO 9001-2015 certified.

  • 2012


    To be a global company that is among the leading companies of the world in every field it operates and to develop with technological innovations, to produce quality products that meet the expectations of its customers, and to provide their satisfaction by adding value to customers and employees and to become an enterprise that is beneficial to society and country.

  • 2012


    To produce all the products we offer to our customers, to offer them at affordable prices and to deliver them in the fastest way; to contribute value to the lives of all those who work with us by continuous development and growth.

  • 2012


    SUN Fasteners aims to be a symbol of credibility and respectability for all of its stakeholders in all fields in which it operates.
    SUN Fasteners aims to provide customer satisfaction and to grow by offering products and services in global quality and standards together with its employees. To create value for our customers, to respond to their expectations with quality and stability is our first priority. It is our duty to stand for our products and to be with our customers after sales.
    As SUN Fasteners always being the best is our indispensable goal. In order to achieve this goal, our basic principle is to undertake every task and to be a leader in the market.

    The aim of SUN Fasteners is to create resources for continuous improvement. In order to ensure continuity of the service, it is our main principle to create resources from the activities and ensure the rational use of all resources.
    As SUN Fasteners our motto is to obey and respect to business ethics and honest working principles. Our principle is to comply with the principle of fair win and goodwill in all our relations and to obey laws and ethics. It is our duty to act with awareness of protection for our society and the world and to spread this consciousness.