Köseler mahallesi 21.Cadde No:24/Z1 PK. 41455
Pazartesi - Cuma 8.00 - 18.00
Cumartesi-Pazar Kapalı

• To be a reliable brand in the international market,
• To follow technological innovations,
• To give importance to human health which is one of our values and to achieve high quality by following environmental and safety rules,
• We do not compromise our honesty for all of the institutions and enterprises we provide product/services, all of the institutions and enterprises in which provided us to reach these days by our common works, all of our personnel contributed power of us and our valuable customers,
• To take preventive measures and to take corrective actions against errors, by identifying the critical points in which possible errors and non-conformities may occur during our system flow.
• To keep efficiency continuous;
• To provide systematic work at the desired level by providing effective internal and external communication, which is one of the requirements of the quality system, occupational health and safety and environmental management standards, and to provide personnel training at the required points at these stages,
• To provide continuous development, to contribute our staff and common working groups by closely following related sector activities,
• To carry out environmental pollution prevention activities during our work,
• To continuously improve our management systems by following all legal regulations, customer requests and management system standards related to our subject matter.